Easter Growth Bundle



Presented in partnership with Alabaster, we are offering an “Easter Growth Bundle” which includes a devotional book All That Is Made & our Hydroponic Seedling Kit.

Easter is a time to restore and refresh. This Bundle invites you to dive into a physical and spiritual growth. As you witness the seeds germinating and transforming, you’ll be reminded of the wonders of our Creator, who breathes life into the smallest of seeds. It’s a testament to His divine wisdom and the intricate beauty of nature.

All That Is Made — A guide for readers exploring the intersection of creativity and faith. Humans are creative; it is a quality embedded in the fabric of our being, and a reality that reflects our existence as being made in the image of God. This book is softcover, 160 pages, perfect bound, and printed in full color on uncoated paper in Canada. The dimensions are 5.5 in x 7.5 in.

Hydroponic Home Grown Seedling Kit : This is an all-inclusive growing kit with seeds and instructions provided. Our compact and user-friendly design makes it easy to cultivate these vibrant and flavourful greens, even for beginners. All you need is a little faith, a little patience and lots of tender loving care to witness the miracle of life unfold before your eyes. Discover the joy of cultivating fresh and nutritious microgreens.

(Seeds weigh approx. 50g. Box size 141 x 136 x 77mm. Gross weight 214g.)

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