• BÉNIR Rainbow Pouch

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    Introducing our uniquely designed pouches, crafted with care by underprivileged women in Madagascar in collaboration with Missionaries. Each pouch is meticulously handmade using natural raffia, ensuring that no two are exactly alike.

    These vibrant pouches offer both style and functionality. They can be easily used as a coin bag, key holder, or card holder – adding a pop of colour to your everyday essentials. Their versatility knows no bounds, and your imagination is the only limit to how you can utilize them.

    By purchasing one of our pouches, you not only acquire a beautiful and practical accessory but also contribute to empowering these underprivileged women and supporting their livelihoods. Join us in extending hope and love to people afar.

    For details on the BENIR Project, please scroll down to “Description” below.


    Size : 16.5 x 9cm