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Discover the joy of cultivating fresh and nutritious microgreens with our all-inclusive kit at the comfort of your own home. Our compact and user-friendly design makes it easy to cultivate these vibrant and flavourful greens, even for beginners. All you need is a little faith, a little patience and lots of tender loving care to witness the miracle of life unfold before your eyes.

As you witness the seeds germinating and transforming, you’ll be reminded of the wonders of our Creator, who breathes life into the smallest of seeds. It’s a testament to His divine wisdom and the intricate beauty of nature.

Microgreens refers to the delicious young shoots from seeds that encapsulate essential nutrients and tantalizing flavours. With our seedling kit, you will enjoy the freshest harvest possible. These greens add flavour and nutrients to salads, sandwiches, stir fries, congee and more.

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Mess-free Convenience: Avoid the messiness of using soil and enjoy faster growth with just water. Within just 10 days, you’ll have microgreens ready to harvest.

Compact and User-Friendly: Our seedling pot is designed to be compact and user-friendly, making it suitable to grow microgreens effortlessly anywhere with amble light.

Nutrient-Rich and Flavourful: Microgreens are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients – around 4-6 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts. Microgreens are the tender shoots of vegetables harvested between 5 and 21 days after germination around 3-7 cm tall. These tender shoots offer delicate textures and distinct flavour that will delight your taste buds.

Sustainable: Our pots are reusable, allowing you to grow multiple batches of microgreens without generating unnecessary waste. Furthermore, they also conserve water and eliminates the need for harmful pesticides ensuring a sustainable and environmentally-friendly growing experience.

Embark on a journey of discovery and experience the satisfaction of witnessing life burst forth and the joy of partaking in nature’s bountiful gifts. Follow the provided instructions and watch the wonders of our Creator in transforming small seeds into life packed with nutrients and flavours that benefit humankind.

Box Content:

Hydroponic pot with seeds and instructions provided. Please note that the seeds supplied may vary to allow for different growing and tasting experience. At present, we are including sweet pea seeds (approx. 50g).

Box size 141 x 136 x 77mm

Gross weight 214g


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