Alabaster Bible – On Beauty and Faith


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What is beauty?

As we encounter and discover God and our faith deepens, we are inevitably led to delve deeper and unpack our sense of beauty and its significance and implication for our spiritual journeys. As a culture, we often describe God as true and good. We use beauty less often—and we struggle to articulate the intuitive relationship between beauty and the things of God: calling, spirituality, mission, and more.

This book aims to bridge this gap. Through the story of the Woman with the Alabaster Jar in Mark 14:1-11, this book explores beauty and its profound implications for our lives.

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The chapters in this book cover the following topics:
1. On Beauty and Art
2. On Beauty and Identity
3. On Beauty and Generosity
4. On Beauty and Vulnerability
5. On Beauty and Mystery
6. On Beauty and Justice
7. On Beauty and Changing the World

Design aspects: This book is softcover, 160 pages, perfect bound, and printed in full colour on uncoated paper in Canada.
Dimensions:6.5 in x 8.5 in.

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